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For the last two decades, Diversified Docks and Lift has been bringing customers solutions to help them enjoy their waterfront property. With our products, you have easy access to your boats, jet skis, inflatables, and more when you want them, and they are housed safely when not in use. From docks and lifts to paddle boats and swim rafts, Diversified Docks and Lifts is the  team you can trust to help you kick off summer the right way. Contact us today or come by our  Brighton location to help you find the best solution to your water toys!


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Dock Builder Brighton, MI

Living on a lakefront property is amazing, but you need somewhere secure to moor your boat. Making a dock from scratch is out of the question, so what can you do? The only solution is to find a professional dock builder in your local area.

At Diversified Docks, we’re one of the leading dock builders in Brighton, MI. We will work closely with you to build the perfect dock for your boat. Unlike other boat dock builders, we supply docks with diverse configurations to be altered to suit your needs. Book an appointment with us today by clicking here.

Boat docked in the evening

Work With An Experienced Dock Builder in Brighton, MI

Having a dock that’s made for your unique needs will ensure you can safely get in and out of your boat with ease. It also means you don’t have to worry about damaging your boat because it doesn’t fit in the dock.

Working with a local dock builder will remove these potential issues. As professional dock builders, we know what it takes to create the perfect structure to fit your lakeside property. All of our docks are sourced from reputable brands and come with the following benefits:

  • Diverse configurations to suit any lakefront
  • A wide range of long-lasting materials
  • Various dock systems to use across all four seasons
  • Accessories to further enhance your dock
Marine Construction

Why Hire A Dock Builder?

Hiring a boat dock builder is a smart decision for many reasons:

  • Avoid a DIY dock that breaks or damages your property
  • Create a dock that specifically meets your needs
  • Work with the dock builder to add accessories that improve your lakefront property
  • Save time by getting boat dock builders to construct everything
  • Save money by receiving a durable dock that doesn’t need constant repairs

What Types Of Docks Are Available?

As a dock builder in Brighton, MI, we’ve worked with customers throughout the area with unique docking needs. Consequently, we’re one of the few dock builders that can offer a variety of dock types.

Here are some of the popular variations our team of boat dock builders has installed, including some of the top brands in the industry:

Unsure what type of dock suits your property the best? During your initial consultation, a member of our dock builder team will discuss everything with you. We’ll ask questions to understand your property and the boats you’ll moor on the dock. This allows us to recommend the best dock type, so you get something ideal for your situation.

Boat docked in the evening

When Is The Best Time To Build A Dock?

Boating season officially commences in Brighton, MI at the start of summer. Nevertheless, you should install your dock well in advance of this. Ensure you search for a dock builder near me to get everything up and running before boating season starts. This lets you enjoy a full season of boating without worrying if your dock is finished or not.

Contact Diversified Docks & Lifts for Your New Dock in Brighton, MI

If you’re ready to get your lakefront property ready for the summer, now’s the time to contact our team at Diversified Docks & Lifts. We will help you bring your boat dock vision to life, creating a space for you to store your boat, jet skis, and more so that you never have to worry about paying for storage again.
Contact our team online or give us a call at (734) 998-3625 and let’s get started on your boat dock today!


Great place to buy the best dock set-up. During delivery, their staff members demonstrated to me that they were well trained, and they took the time to instruct me on the initial set-up of the dock sections. The manager is a great person to know also. He’s knowledgeable, kind, and will work with you in making your buying experience affordable. It’s a guarantee, I will be going back to their place to add to my existing dock. - Noe P.