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The entire reason to have a lakefront property is to enjoy living on the water. Having a dock configured to accommodate your needs will make those boating season memories even more special. Spend the day on the lake, then bring your boats and jet skis back to the dock to entertain friends and family while the sun sets on another great day on the water. We have a variety of docks from some of the best manufacturers in the industry. Contact us today at (734) 998-3625 for any additional questions you may have regarding boat docks. 

Why Should I Own Instead of Rent a Dock?

Owning a permanent dock offers numerous advantages over renting, particularly regarding long-term cost efficiency and customization options. You can customize your dock to fit your needs, considering factors like dock sections, materials such as a wood dock, heavy-duty constructions, or various types like floating, permanent, or roll-in docks. Plus, owning ensures 24/7 convenient access to the water, regardless of water depths or body of water, unless certain laws or curfews apply.

With features like aluminum frames, galvanized steel, or wood decking, docks can be tailored to suit specific bodies of water, whether for deep water or shallow water. Additionally, particular docks feature modular designs for easy installation and removal, making them suitable for different environments and preferences. The maintenance-free nature of materials like hot-dipped galvanized steel or wave armor floating docks further improves the ownership experience, offering durability without the hassle of regular upkeep.

Overall, owning a dock provides financial, practical, and customizable benefits unmatched by renting, making it a worthwhile investment for waterfront property owners.

Importance of a Durable Floating Dock System

You want a dock that prioritizes safety, longevity, and versatility while accommodating various watercraft and withstanding the harsh Michigan weather. Constructed from high-quality materials, our docks are resilient against corrosion and rot, reducing the need for frequent repairs. With lower maintenance requirements and enhanced property value, a sturdy dock system provides long-term reliability and enjoyment for waterfront property owners.


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Schedule Your Stationary, Roll-In, or Floating Boat Dock Installation Early!

Even though boating season doesn’t begin until around June, the time to schedule your new boat dock installation starts in January. Our slots fill up fast, and if you don’t plan early enough, there is a possibility that you could miss the beginning of the upcoming boating season because your dock isn’t installed yet. Don’t wait! Call us today to secure your spot and be one of the first ones on the water with a brand-new dock.